Do Splash Masks Really Work? We Put 3 to the Test

If the recent proliferation of sheet masks is any indication, the mainstream world has come to accept Korean beauty as gospel. South Korea is the unofficial home of skincare, after all. Some of our most beloved brands are headquartered there (we’re talking power players like Dr. Jart, Laneige, Amorepacific—must we go on?). Much like the French are known for their carefree approach to beauty, Korean girls are known for their focused and powerful skincare routines. Whether it’s blackhead “vacuums,” genius baby-powder hacks, or amazingly innovative a formulas, K-beauty girls only spend their time and money on products that are proven to be effective.

So of course I pay attention to popular products in the space. I figure if it's good enough to impress the K-beauty skincare market, then it's good enough for me. Cue my introduction to a formerly unknown skincare product that happens to be insanely popular in Korea: splash masks. Intriguing name? Yes. Even more intriguing product. I knew I had to try them for myself. Read on to hear what happened when I tested three different splash masks!



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What is a splash mask, exactly? It's a potent liquid blend of good-for-you ingredients that are patted onto the face with your fingers. Splash masks promise to target a myriad of different skin issues, just like traditional face masks do, yet their results are immediate. And no, immediate isn't an exaggeration; we're talking 15 seconds to better skin. How can this be possible?

According to Korean skincare expert and co-founder of Glow Recipe Christine Chang, splash masks have historical origins. "Splashing the face with milk or botanical-infused waters after cleansing comes from a centuries-old Korean bathhouse tradition to clarify and brighten," she says. In fact, Chang and Glow Recipe co-founder Sarah Lee have a personal connection to the practice. "Sarah and I have memories of going to the bathhouse with our mothers or grandmothers and learning to treat our skin this way as a weekly ritual." Splash masks are simply the modern take on this age-old ritual.

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Opening Image: Barely There Beauty