The Surprising New Korean Skincare Trend You MUST Try

By now, we all know that if we want the most potent, innovative, ergonomic skincare products, we should look to the east. If B.B. cream didn’t convince you, essences, cushion compacts, and gentle-as-feather gommage peels will. Thus, nowadays when we catch wind of trending ingredients and products from Korea, we latch onto them and learn everything we can, knowing they will make it stateside eventually, and when they do, we’ll be ready and waiting (not to mention have bragging rights about using them before they were cool).

The latest Korean skincare trend to fall into this category? Products with fermented ingredients. Yes, like the wine you guzzle sip at night and the yogurt you eat each morning, fermented products are processed in an oxygen-free environment over a long period of time for a result that is more potent and more powerful than its original state. Curious? Skin tingling in anticipation? Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about the next big thing in skincare!