Fact: I Started a Korean Skincare Regimen, and My Dry-Skin Issue Disappeared

Come summertime, when temperatures rise on the East Coast and New York City turns into this oven of sweat, garbage, and who knows what else, my skin is a total oil slick. But when the mercury plunges into near-Arctic levels (like right this moment, for example), my complexion is downright Sahara-level status. There's no in-between for me—it's either one extreme or the other. And up until recently, in this current frigid climate, my skin's moisture-free tendencies have driven me downright batty.

Over the years, I've become a bit of a serum hoarder and joke that all the tinctures and dropper-bottles in my medicine cabinet resemble an apothecary, but despite layering them on with abandon every night, I was still sandpaper-dry each morning. To further remedy my parched skin, I'd pile on a gel cream (rich creams tend to break me out), but to no avail. Desperate for the type of glow you'd see in a Glossier ad, I got in touch with the ultimate dew authorities, Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, co-founders of Glow Recipe, for their advice. Eager to help, they sent along a questionnaire asking about my skin type and concerns (dry, clog-prone, melasmatic), and sent along a full step-by-step regimen, which you can read in full below.