2 Korean-Beauty Experts Share the Skincare Products That Give Them Glass Skin

The definition of beauty and brains, Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, co-founders of Korean-beauty destination Glow Recipe, fostered the knowledge they learned from over 20 combined years in the Korean and American beauty spaces and took it to Shark Tank. The two had an idea to create an online destination where visitors can shop expertly curated Korean skincare brands and eventually help conceptualize and produce their own products. Clearly, Robert Herjavec saw the potential ROI in partnering with Chang and Lee, as since then, the brand has become wildly successful and has even launched its own line of products which are now sold at Sephora.

It also doesn't hurt that Chang and Lee are walking billboards for their products—both have flawless, clear skin that's always dewy and vibrant thanks to nailing down products and practices that impart bouncy, intensely dewy skin. Glow recipe indeed. So while the nature of Chang and Lee's job is to consistently test different formulations, we were curious if there were just a few products they both agree pack the most punch. Below, watch them talk through their favorites in our video series Just Five Things (though Chang and Lee pushed the status quo and gave us 10!) and then keep scrolling to shop their picks!