Korean Beauty Experts Shower Differently: Inside Their Routines

By now, you might know how to shower like a beauty editor—but do you know how to shower like a Korean beauty expert? Didn’t think so. Your shower time is a tranquil time to unwind and cleanse…but it can also be so much more. We interviewed four Korean beauty experts—Christine Chang and Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe, Jane Park of Julep, and Alicia Yoon of Peach and Lily (and Byrdie’s resident Korean beauty expert—and asked them to divulge what some might say is the most intimate part of their beauty routines. Suffice it to say, we’ve armed ourselves with lots of information to help us in the never-ending quest to soft, poreless skin à la our sisters in Korea. And yes, we are buying all the Italy towels (which aren’t really Italian at all—more on that ahead) and konjac sponges. Keep scrolling for the fascinating shower routines of four top K-beauty experts!