PSA: The Sephora of Korea Is Coming to the U.S.

The Sephora of Korea has landed stateside: Aritaum is planning to open 70 stores across the U.S. and Canada, and will carry over 900 Korean products ranging from skincare to makeup. The company’s e-commerce site is slated to launch toward the end of this year. [Racked]

Didn’t have time to get a manicure? Belle Maison has invented tights that give you an instant pedicure. Yes, really. All you do is slip them on, align the design to your nails, and you’re done. Plus there so many designs to choose from you can switch up your pedi every day. [InStyle]

First there was contouring. Then there was strobing. Now, there is “non-touring.” [Marie Claire]

Microblading is the latest procedure that guarantees natural, thick brows. While the procedure is similar to getting your eyebrows tattooed on, microblading is semi-permanent and uses a “hairstroke” technique to create natural-looking results. Here’s everything you need to know before you decide to go under the knife needle. [She Finds]

It turns out there are different ways to curl your hair after all—it just depends on how you clamp your curling iron. [The Huffington Post]

Orange blush sounds like something that couldn’t be worn in everyday life… but it actually looks surprisingly natural. []

Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to bring out your swimsuit—and maybe ponder a bikini wax. You may have a few questions about the procedure, and this guide will answer them all. [PureWow]

There’s a viral video going around proclaiming you can use a cotton ball to get longer lashes. One woman decided to try out the trend for herself, and the results were shocking. [The Huffington Post] 

Speaking of lashes, click here to find out how to fake longer, thicker lashes, straight from the mouth of Ariana Grande’s makeup artist.