The Crazy 50-Hour Korean Massage That Changes Your Face Shape

There's a little-known secret in Korea, and her name is Ryu Bae, also known as The Star Face-Maker. Her spa is unlike any other spa I've visited. After one session, you walk out with a noticeably different face, and after ten sessions, you look like you might have had plastic surgery because you look so different—but in a good way. While the transformation could be dramatic for many, you mostly just look like the best version of yourself. And the best part is it's all natural—there are no knives, no surgeries—ever.

Ryu Bae is a highly trained therapist with a very particular set of skills that she's developed into a singular technique that I've only ever seen her employ. Her spa is on the 14th floor of an office building in the heart of Gangnam, and when you walk in, signed photos of countless A-listers are lined up at the front desk. These celebrities openly share how their newly more symmetrical, somehow more balanced-looking faces were not obtained through going under the knife, but through a very specific set of massages by Ryu Bae herself. To find out more, I met her for lunch to understand exactly how this all works, and I scheduled a couple of treatments with her.

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Opening Image: H&M