This Is How Korean Women Do Sun Protection

Korean Beauty - Sun Protection

We'll never tire of discovering new Korean beauty secrets. From the latest products that are guaranteed to spike in popularity to the beauty trends blowing up before they're even a blip on the radar stateside, K-beauty never fails to serve up the next big thing. South Korea is especially superior when it comes to skincare—we pretty much get on board with anything they produce and popularize in the category. So when Korean It-girls dish on their sun protection secrets that save their skin through summer, we're all ears (and rapidly taking notes so we can add their essentials to our shopping carts). Three of South Korea's coolest It-girls spilled their exact SPF skincare and sunscreen application techniques to Vogue, and we have their sun protection product recommendations here.

HoYeon Jung

Korean Sun Protection - It Girl HoYeon Jung

“I put on a lot of Ohui’s Perfect Sun Block Red and then use Nature Republic Sun Spray for one more layer of protection,” says Jung. “While on the beach, I drink a lot of water—just not what’s in the ocean, of course—and use a rash guard as an [extra] preventative measure.”

Ko Hyojoo

Korean Sun Protection - It Girl Ko Hyojoo

“Most Asian women really care about skin—especially under the sun, so they [reapply] sunscreen often,” explains Hyojoo. “I use Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense every day, and if I’m on the beach, I choose a spray after applying the cream. I [also] wear long sleeves [made] of mesh material.”

Soo Joo Park

Korean Sun Protection - It Girl Soo Joo Park

“I recently tried Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Facial Oil SPF 30 from L’Oréal Paris and fell in love with it,” says Park. “Since I sweat and don’t want to look shiny, I apply my Maifanshi Silky Moist Compact with SPF 30 in it with a sponge, and if I am staying outdoors or going swimming for a prolonged period of time, I top my forehead, shoulders, and back off with a heavy-duty sunscreen spray like L’Oreal Paris’s Advanced Suncare Alcohol-Free Clear Spray in SPF 50.”

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