Honey, Water, and Natural: The Secret to All 3 K-Beauty Glows

If you had to describe your skin in two words, what would they be? Some days, I'm sorry to say that my skin more closely resembled "orange peel" than "glass skin." But thanks to a prescribed regimen from glow authorities Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, co-founders of Glow Recipe, I've been able to achieve an unreal "honey glow," or dewy, bouncy, plumped skin.

As you could've probably guessed already, Korean beauty culture is keen on coining terms for different skin textures and consistencies (we also recently covered cloudless skin). Today, we're bringing you "water glow," courtesy of Chang and Lee's first shoot from their newly launched Glowipedia on GlowRecipe.com, a "glow glossary" that translates each K-beauty glow trend (or gwang, as they're called in Korea) and the steps necessary to achieve them.

We'll also be showing you how to get "honey glow" and an every day "natural glow," all crafted by celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes (who's often responsible for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's dewy skin). Below, watch the step-by-step videos. (The best part: No makeup is required—just skincare, so you can glow long after you're done applying product.)