12 Gifts for the Korean-Beauty Obsessed

You probably know at this point that we're K-beauty fanatics here at Byrdie HQ. From the kitschy packaging to the groundbreaking (and often downright weird) ingredients, we're perpetually hounding our go-to guru, Peach & Lily's Alicia Yoon, about which trends and products we should be trying next. What can we say? Rubber-masking and fermented skincare appease the daredevil within us, and putting a premium on a flawless complexion? Even from the other side of the globe, they're speaking our language.

And aside from the fact that sheet masks and TonyMoly's fruit-shaped hand creams are fabulous stocking stuffers, there's no time like the holiday break to get your 10-step routine down pat. These gift sets cater to all of the above.

Which K-beauty set would you want to unwrap? Tell us in the comments below!