What It's REALLY Like Inside a Korean Bathhouse

It’s Korean Beauty Week here at Byrdie HQ! Each day this week, our Korean-beauty correspondent, Alicia Yoon, will be sharing the most interesting findings from her recent trip to Seoul. Consider this a deep dive into what’s really happening over the pond, from the newest product innovations to the beauty goods real Korean women are obsessing over. For the third installment, Yoon is shining light on what it’s really like at a Korean bathhouse—from the steaming saunas to the famed full-body scrub-down. Read up!

There are bathhouses in Korea that are higher end as well as those that are more tourist-focused. Then, there are your super-local bathhouses you walk to from your home—there’s usually one you can find in any neighborhood. If you’re ever in Seoul and you’re up for a real local experience, here’s what you can expect (and this is going to get a little personal, as I’ll be sharing with you a play-by-play what it’s like at my neighborhood bathhouse). Let’s dive right in (pun intended)!

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