This Video Shows the Difference Between American and Asian Makeup

We can't get enough of all things K-beauty, but when we go to list off our favorite products, they err on the side of sheet masks, essences, and serums as opposed to foundations and mascara. After all, in Korea, skincare is much more than an assortment of products, it's a way of living. As such, heavy contouring, overlined lips, and gleaming highlighter aren't on the menu du jour for most Korean women—it's the dewy-fresh poreless skin that's the focus.

In contrast, extravagant makeup routines are often favored in the U.S.—just take a scroll through Instagram and you'll see a bevy of makeup artists and non-makeup artists alike applying countless products for one look. Not that intricate cat eyes and perfectly filled in brows should be scoffed at—we're mesmerized by the talent that goes into executing each look—but it's just the nature of the growing makeup culture here in the states.

Recently, PopSugar shared a video that Lisa Eldridge created visually juxtaposing Asian makeup practices with those of Americans, and the differences are palpable. In the video, you'll see much lighter and brighter natural-looking makeup for the Asian beauty tutorial while the American version boasts chiseled cheekbones and dark eye makeup. Now, we'd like to point out that this isn't to generalize that all American and Asian women wear their makeup like it's portrayed in the video, but Eldridge makes valid points about many of the popular styles in each region. Keep scrolling to see the video for yourself!

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What's your signature makeup look? Do you go the natural route, or do you like experimenting with different looks? Please tell us below!