The Easy Hairstyle Anyone (Yes, Anyone) Can Do in Under 7 Minutes

Deven Hopp

Don’t get us wrong—watching the pros work their magic is mesmerizing and inspiring. The issue is that inspiration doesn’t always translate into a real-life look. Let’s face it: Hair can be challenging. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a life filled with uninspired buns and ponytails. Which is why we invited dancer and content creator Megan Batoon to take our 10-minute hairstyle challenge.

Batoon chose a hairstyle at random and was given 10 minutes to shop the products she needed and create the look. We had professional hairstylist Aki Hill from Ulta Beauty’s Design Team on hand just in case things went astray, but he was only able to offer verbal tips—no stepping in. It all went down live yesterday at Ulta Beauty in Santa Monica. Did you miss it? Watch the video below to see Batoon successfully create a textured, knotted ponytail in under 10 minutes (under seven, actually)!

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