The Gold-Infused Mask Nearly Every Celebrity Is Instagramming

Face-mask selfies have become somewhat of a phenomenon. Not only do they provide good social media fodder, but they're also a filter in physical form. You can quite literally hide behind the sheet (or the gel or the foam), as if to say, "Look at me! I'm fun, and I take good care of my skin." With so many different variations (bubble! rubber! hydrogel!), the masking limit does not exist, and it's unlikely the craze will die anytime soon. 

Celebrities are our main source for mask selfies (maskies?), so we're always intrigued when a particularly cool-looking product makes its debut on the face of one of Hollywood's elite. What's even more enticing is when several celebs wear the same mask, leading us to believe it's worthy of making its way over to our own mugs. And recently, we learned of a rather extra mask that stars like Jessica Simpson, Nina Dobrev, and Jessica Alba (among many others) are flocking toward: Knesko gold-infused masks.