Klur's New "Purification" Clay Mask Will Make You Rethink How You've Been Masking

Founder Lesley Thornton shares game-changing tips.

KLUR mask


Since its launch in January 2019, we haven’t been able to stop raving about the eco-luxe skincare brand Klur. We even dubbed it one of the best new eco-luxe beauty brands last year. 

For nearly ten years, the brand’s founder, Lesley Thornton, has helped others achieve skin wellness through personalized treatments and minimalistic regimens. And Thornton channeled every bit of her expertise as an esthetician into Klur, allowing her to create effective botanically-derived skincare solutions that are clean, ethical, and inclusive. 

The brand initially hit the market with seven core products, but now Klur is ready to expand its lineup. Enter: the Supreme Seed Cacao + Vitamin B5 Delicate Purification Mask ($60), a clay-based facial treatment. Ahead of the launch, I had the chance to sit in on a Zoom call with Thornton and learn all about the mask from its ingredients to how we really should be applying our masks. Keep scrolling for the six things you need to know about KLUR’s latest launch.

Only a thin layer of the clay mask should be applied to the skin. 

It’s time to rethink the way you’ve been applying your mask. "I think a lot of people have the perception that you need to be able to cover your skin with the mask," Thornton says. "Essentially, the mask should be creating a thin film on the skin, not necessarily where you only see layers of mask. When the mask is that thick and it's sitting on the skin, there's really no benefit to those top layers." To maximize the benefits of the Supreme Seed mask, apply less than a dime-size amount to damp skin. If you prefer to have a barrier between your skin and the mask, Thornton suggests applying a lit bit of facial oil.

You shouldn’t leave your mask on for a long time.

There’s no benefit to leaving your clay mask on until it cracks. The Supreme Seed mask is designed to firm, not harden for this reason. "If it does harden or crack, you have left it on entirely too long," Thornton explains. "There's no point in leaving on the mask because the results aren't happening anymore beyond 15 minutes. So 10 to 15 minutes is where you're going to see the maximum benefit of the mask. Beyond that, we're losing some of the ability to give it that beautiful rinse."

KLUR Supreme Seed
Klur Supreme Seed Cacao + Vitamin B5 Delicate Purification Mask $60.00

It acts as a mild cleanser.

Yes, this face mask has cleansing properties as well. "You're going to push [the mask] into the skin as you're removing it after 10 to 15 minutes of having it on," Thornton says. "You'll push it in and you actually reactivate it with water, massaging it into the skin and rinsing it off. So, it's actually not just providing that detoxification and surface clarification but it's actually cleansing the skin as well which is great."

Kaolin clay is more gentle on your skin.

Not all clays are created equal. Throughout her years of practice as an esthetician, Thornton noticed that many clays (like bentonite or Aztec clay) caused dryness or irritation. The Supreme Seed mask’s star ingredient, kaolin clay, adequately nourishes the skin without any harsh after-effects. "It is non-drying but still has the ability to purify the skin, remove excess oils, pollutants and debris from the skin without irritation," Thornton says. "Kaolin is great because it helps to tone the skin, tighten the skin, and promote some superficial microcirculation." The mineral-rich clay also carries a neutral pH, making it an excellent choice for people with sensitive or easily-stressed skin.


It helps boost the skin's natural repair processes.

Key Ingredients

According to KLUR, "A soothing, balancing blend of panthenol, calendula, and cacao helps calm and improve the appearance of redness and irritation. The result is a drastically smoother, brighter, more revitalized, and glowing complexion."

Thornton has spent the past year and a half testing the Supreme Seed mask to ensure the formulation was right. In addition to the clay, the final product contains some pretty standout ingredients, but it's these two that we're especially excited to see: cacao extract and vitamin B5 (panthenol). 

Thornton tapped cacao extract for its antioxidant properties as it is 20 times more potent than vitamin C. "It promotes blood flow, increases circulation in the skin, is anti-inflammatory, and regenerates the skin cell tissues," she says. "It's rich in flavonoids and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and calcium. So, it actually helps to strengthen the skin." Vitamin B5 assists in reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) by reinforcing your skin barrier’s strength. The nutrient also helps to maintain natural moisture balance by supporting water retention in your skin.

Masking should be done 1-2 times a week. 

As with any product, it’s important to figure out the right amount of usage for your skin. While testing the mask, Thornton incorporated it into her routine once a week. However, you can apply it up to two times a week. "If you're doing it once a week, it's going to last you four to six months," Thornton pointed out. "If you're doing it twice a week, it'll probably last you three months."

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