Klur's New Night Creme Is My Skin's Favorite Balancing Act

With 1% Retinol and 19 botanical actives.

Klur night cream in hand


Launched in January 2019, Klur is an eco-inclusive skincare brand that prioritizes botanical ingredients in its formulas—and no, that doesn’t mean that they’re any less effective. Per Lesley Thornton, the founder of Klur, the brand’s latest launch and first retinol product, Sculpture + A Form + Correct Overnight Enrichment Creme ($150), is all about achieving “the best of both worlds: expert science and botanical synergy.”

The goal was to balance powerhouse ingredients with gentler, soothing ones. For Klur, that meant combining effective (but potentially irritating) ingredients, like retinol and lactic acid, with 19 anti-inflammatory botanical actives. The result? A non-irritating yet potent formula that works for every skin type.

"My favorite part of the creme is how deeply restorative the formula is," Thornton tells Byrdie. "I've seen a noticeable improvement in my skin's resiliency, not just because it's a good product but also because it's nourishing, gentle and the ingredients work in harmony to support and strengthen the skin barrier."

Ahead, all of the details on Klur's latest launch and our honest review.

Sculpture + A Form + Correct Overnight Enrichment Creme

Best For: All skin types

Price: $150

Key Ingredients: Retinol, lactic acid, chamomile hydrosol, jojoba oil, broccoli seed oil, plum seed oil

Product Claims: Reduces inflammation, improves skin resiliency, and aids moisture retention

Why We Love It: Gentle, hydrating formula with a refreshing scent

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The Inspiration

To ace their first foray into retinol, Klur zeroed in on what exactly their customers wanted. “The formula was developed using data compiled from ten years of client questionnaire forms,” Thornton says. The data made one thing abundantly clear: “Everyone wanted a non-aggressive cream or serum they could use consistently to address past, present, and future well-aging concerns without overstimulating skin and causing irritation.”

Inspired by her clients' needs, Thornton set out to create a balanced formula while still incorporating 1% retinol. And after using the creme weekly for the past two years, Thornton feels confident that she's achieved her goal with a formula that addresses "well-aging skin and supports optimal skin health."

Klur Sculpture + A Retinol Creme
Klur Sculpture + A Form + Correct Overnight Enrichment Creme $150.00

The Formula

With their Sculpture + A Form + Correct Overnight Enrichment Creme, Klur wanted to hit a crucial mark, including retinol, while keeping the product non-irritating, "We started with proven ingredients that could counterbalance the adverse effects of retinol. That included various anti-inflammatories, barrier repair lipids, and a multi-functional botanical support system," Thornton explains.

The ingredient list, which includes lactic acid, plum and broccoli seed oils, jojoba oil, chamomile hydrosol, and turmeric, comes together for a skin-friendly formula that can yield major results. But unlike plenty of other retinol products, this cream doesn't measure effectiveness by how much it stings. (Remember, "if it hurts, that means it's working?" Klur doesn't buy into that.)

What was kept out of the formula was just as important as what was put in. "There are no perfumes, dyes, or other common irritants,” Thornton says. “It is formulated to be adaptable to all skin types, but it will perform best on demanding skin with well-aging concerns.”

Klur night cream product texture


The Review

I had high hopes for Klur's night creme. Even before I tried it, I knew it had at least two of my favorite things: skin-loving ingredients and sleek packaging. Luckily, it did not disappoint. With a rich texture that melts seamlessly into your skin, this night creme feels amazing going on. The scent is luxe, too, and a subtle reminder of the formula's botanical actives.

Although I am not too worried about skin elasticity yet (thanks to being 24 and in love with sunscreen), it's hard not to appreciate the careful thought that went into crafting this creme. 1% retinol with 0% irritation is a rare combination, but Klur did it, and my sensitive skin is oh-so-grateful.

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