Kleenex (as in the Tissue Brand) Just Launched a Buzzy New Beauty Product

Time to clear some room out of your drugstore beauty arsenal. The brand responsible for absorbing your tears and sniffles is getting in on the skincare game. Unexpected but true, Kleenex has just launched its own exfoliating cleansing pads. It's actually a natural progression for the brand if you think about it. Last year, Kleenex branched out from its nationally beloved tissues to create a line of facial care products: face wipes ($10), eye makeup remover pads ($10), blotting sheets ($4), and more. The brand's exfoliating pads are stepping its skincare range up a notch, and we are very intrigued.

Kleenex's new exfoliating cushions cost $10 and come with 12 disposable pads, all neatly tucked in a reusable dispenser. The product is built to offer both cleansing action and physical exfoliation. Here's how it works: Each circular pad is filled with cleanser, and when you wet the product with regular tap water, the cleanser foams up. One side of the pad is covered in small blue circles, creating a "scrubby texture" that gently exfoliates the skin while removing any leftover makeup and dirt. The other side features tiny bumps that buff the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. After using both sides, you simply toss the pad. Sound interesting?

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