This Natural Foundation Is the Only Formula That Doesn't Settle Into My Lines

Lynn Shabinsky


As a natural beauty enthusiast, I reviewed the Kjaer Weis The Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation, and I can honestly say that it lived up to my expectations; I found the perfect shade match, and my skin looked flawless after application. This is the perfect everyday foundation for a natural, even glowing complexion that lasts all day. If you are looking for effortless makeup with great results, I would say this is the product. Read along for my full review.

Kjaer Weis The Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation

Star Rating: 4.5/5

Best for: hydrating, soothing, nourishing, firming, and evening the skin tone

Active Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, mimosa flower, organic chamomile water, rosehip seed, and pomegranate extract

Byrdie Clean: Yes

Price: $48

About the brand: Kirsten Kjaer Weis is the creator of Kjaer Weis which was founded in 2010. Today they have set the standard for sustainable beauty, creating products for all skin types and tones and ages and stages of clients.

About My Skin: Mature, normal-to-dry

My skin is generally balanced, however, during the cooler months it is more normal-to-dry, so extra moisture is always needed. My everyday makeup routine consists of a base of good skincare, concealer, foundation, cheek tint, and mascara. There are of course days when I wear more makeup or less depending on what I have going on in my day. When using the Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation, I found it definitely worked best when used in conjunction with an oil-based moisturizer; in trying different skincare products under it, my favorite was a good quality face oil. Kirsten Weis, founder of the brand, actually recommends letting face oil sink in "for about five minutes" before applying concealer or foundation. The combination of the face oil and the foundation were perfection.

How to Apply: Fingers, makeup brush, or sponge

To apply, squeeze the alchemist dropper firmly and remove from the glass bottle, apply 3-4 drops around the face for a fresh-faced glow or add 1-2 more drops for a natural-looking medium coverage that evens out and evens your skin tone. The consistency is on the thicker side, but it blends into the skin like no other foundation I have tried. Once you have placed a few drops around the face, gently massage into your entire face with your fingertips (which is my preferred method, but a brush or sponge will work as well). The results are radiant and natural.

The Results: A clear, radiant, flawless complexion

I was thoroughly surprised with the results of this foundation. My complexion was even and flawless, and my skin appeared more firm and smooth, while at the same time radiating a very natural glow. The best thing for me was there was absolutely no buildup of product in my wrinkles, which has never happened with any other product. The foundation has a slight scent—generally, I lean towards no scent if possible, but I found the fragrance to be very soft.

Another plus is the alchemist dropper—it's much more tightly fitted in the glass bottle than other brands, which I believe eliminates both mess and waste of product. With a firm, gentle squeeze of the dropper, just the right amount of product is dispensed. It's brilliant.

Kjaer Weis foundation

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The Value: More than average (compared with traditional foundations)

Kjaer Weis Kjaer Weis The Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation
Kjaer Weis The Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation $48

The suggested retail price is $48, which is higher than many tinted moisturizers, but I believe you are getting what you pay for. Kjaer Weis uses the highest quality organic, clean, vegan ingredients to create a product that is not only a foundation, but nutrition for the skin. One application in the morning took me all the way to bedtime. The packaging is all purposeful and sustainable—there is no waste. The bottle and the dropper are glass and they are completely recyclable and packaged in recycled paper pulp when shipped.

The Verdict: Will definitely buy again

I love this product—the results are obvious and amazing. I get the benefits of luxury skincare combined with the highest quality clean makeup, which is what I am looking for when purchasing products for my skin. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone, and I will most definitely continue using it.

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