Meet the Skincare Brand Bridging the Gap Between Cute and Effective

They're not mutually exclusive.

Kiramoon Silkie Rinse


Finding a skincare routine that works for you is one thing, and finding one that you actually enjoy doing is another. The good news? They're not mutually exclusive. Founded in January 2021, Kiramoon is a skincare brand designed to bridge the gap between fun and effective. "From packaging to formula efficacy to brand messaging, Kiramoon's mission is to inspire joy in skincare," Lindsey Martin, founder of Kiramoon, tells Byrdie.

And a quick peek at Kiramoon's product lineup—including their Star Jelly Magic Resurfacing Mask ($45), their Flowermelon Super Hydra Serum ($36), and their glittery Moon Globes Freezable Facial Massagers ($42)—makes it clear that the brand is hitting that goal.

Kiramoon's bright pink colors, funky fonts, and heart-shaped designs look like something I would have dreamed up in my prime girly-girl years when I idolized Barbie above all things. But being aesthetically pleasing is only half of the brand's appeal. Kiramoon is equally focused on creating effective formulas that actually work. And the brand's latest launch, the Silkie Rinse Gentle Hydrating Facial Cleanser ($28), is proof that you really can have it all in your skincare. After all, good things come in pink packages.

The Inspiration

"I was inspired to create Kiramoon during a very stressful, busy time in my career," Martin explains. "I was working extremely long hours, and my 5-minute skincare routine became the highlight of my day." But she noticed a contradiction between how her skincare routine made her feel and how it looked.

Kiramoon Silkie Rinse


The boring, doctor's office aesthetic™ packaging didn't match the pampered, indulgent vibes of Martin's beloved self-care ritual. Where was the fun? The joy? The magic? "I realized that the industry was missing something," Martin says. With Kiramoon, she hopes to fill that void, bringing playfulness back to skincare.

Still, as gorgeous as Kiramoon's packaging is (the girly pink and red aesthetic just works for me), Martin knows that it's what's on the inside that counts. "We are creating effective, holy grail formulas and packaging them in a fun, less clinical package," she explains.

The Silkie Rinse Formula

With their Silkie Rinse Cleanser, Kiramoon managed to make washing your face fun. (Remember those old commercials where Vanessa Hudgens is having an absolute blast splashing her face and somehow magically not getting her counter completely soaked? It's kind of like that.)

Kiramoon's facial cleanser is made to feel good and work effectively from lather to rinse. Per Martin, the Silkie Rinse is designed "to clean all skin types effectively without drying, tightening, or damaging the skin barrier." With powerhouse ingredients like ceramides, squalene, cabbage rose water, and raspberry extract, the Silkie Rinse can be an excellent option for anyone whose goal is a calming, hydration-focused skincare regimen.

"The ceramides increase skin hydration and improve the barrier function, all while melting away excess oil, makeup, and dead skin cells," Martin explains. This is a dream come true for people who have dry and acne-prone skin since the "skin won't be irritated or disrupted during the cleansing step." Plus, the rinse is gentle enough to be used in your morning and nighttime routines—though you might notice its melting powers a little more after a long day of wearing makeup.

Kiramoon Silkie Rinse Hydrating Facial Cleanser
Kiramoon Silkie Rinse Hydrating Facial Cleanser $28.00

The Review

Hannah Kerns, Beauty News Writer

I think that your facial cleanser is what makes or breaks your skincare routine. No matter how great your serums and night creams are, they're not going to do you any good if you're applying them to unclean skin. And although I don't usually go for skincare that's prettier than me, I've been in the market for a good cleanser that is gentle enough for my sensitive, acne-prone skin and tough enough to actually remove my makeup. Kiramoon's Silkie Rinse checks all of these boxes.

With a velvety texture and relaxing lather, I can picture this cleanser becoming a new staple in my nighttime skincare routine. The formula does have a strong smell (think watermelon bubble gum) that I usually avoid in my skincare, but it doesn't linger or leave behind any filmy residue, so I'm okay with it. All in all, I can see this cleanser becoming a fan favorite soon—and not just because of its adorable pink bottle.

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