The Ultimate KiraKira-Inspired Gift Guide

If you don't post a picture of your gifts, did you even really celebrate the holidays? We're totally kidding of course (kind of), but you can't tell us that when you see something that would look good in an Instagram picture, your inner art director doesn't come out and start planning how to stage this photo. That's where KiraKira+ comes in.

If you haven't seen a post-filtered with KiraKira+, we highly suggest looking up the hashtag. You'll see pictures and videos literally sparkle. It's pretty addicting to do to every picture, and we're sure you're bound to run across a few gifts that would be perfect for the app this holiday season. For your viewing/purchasing pleasure, we rounded up a few gifts that sparkle in the most right way (alone and with the app).

Scroll down to see our picks.

Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss
Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss $24

The glossy lid is slowly becoming more than a trend, and we're predicting that it will become a classic just like the cat eye (you heard it here first). Pair it with a metallic sheen like this Butter London eye gloss, and you have the perfect look to take a KiraKira+ selfie to the next level.

Nudes & Rudes
Karity 15 Nudes & Rudes $25

The highly pigmented and long-wearing shadows in this palette are vegan and paraben-free. The Nudes & Rudes collection offers 15 pretty multi-tone shades of, well, nudes that suit pretty much every skin tone. The shimmer shades especially really pop when on the lids and are amplified when you use KiraKira+ in a picture or video.

Glass Water Bottle - Tutu (32 fl oz.)
Bkr Glass Water Bottle - Tutu (32 fl oz.) $48

This water bottle is extra in the best way possible. You'll be hydrated all day with this baby pink reusable glass bottle. The best part is each Bkr bottle sold will provide a full month's supply of clean water to someone who needs it.

Pleasure Gardenia 79
Krigler Pleasure Gardenia 79 $275

One of our favorite floral scents (because we all know fragrance notes can be so confusing). Its edges are bound to be picked up by the KiraKira+ app and highlighted in a very mesmerizing video.

Pinrose Rollerball Wardrobe Kit $60

This was meant to be seen by the social media world. The wardrobe holds rollerball perfumes of Pinrose's scents like Lil'Dipper, Secret Genius, and Wild Child. So not only do you get these three awesome perfumes you can carry everywhere, but you get others as well. Now picture it with KiraKira+, and the likes will come pouring in.

MODA Rosé 5pc Complete Kit
Moda Rosé 5pc Complete Kit $20

The perfect brush set for traveling contains four brushes (powder, angle kabuki, angle shader, and smudger) to take care of all your makeup needs and a case to hold them. We're obsessed with the ombré rose color, and the brushes hold makeup really well while being super soft against our skin. We suggest getting an action shot with the KiraKira+ app for a cute little how-to for your followers.

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