This 17-Year-Old Launched a Healthy Haircare Brand for Men With Curls

"I wanted to see myself on the shelves.”

KingCurls Models


While most hair products are not gender-exclusive, brands often tailor their products and advertisement campaigns to target women. Even in the natural hair care industry, boys and men are often an afterthought in brands’ messaging and marketing. And despite the growing number of natural hair care brands hitting the market, there has yet to be a company that specifically centers men with curly and coily hair. Until now. Enter: KingCurls, a Black-owned hair care brand that wants to normalize men indulging in self-care and taking pride in the health of their natural hair. 

KingCurls is the brainchild of 17-year-old TikTok sensation Khalil and his mother. Khalil, who is known by his nearly 900K TikTok followers as KhalilGotTheJuice, has established himself as the go-to person for all of Gen-Z when it comes to caring for textured hair. After growing frustrated with Black and Brown boys taking a backseat in the hair care industry, he began laying the groundwork for KingCurls. “I was tired of using my mom's products and I wanted to see myself on the shelves,” the founder tells Byrdie. 

The brand debuted on October 3 and was immediately met with a massive response online (amassing over 75K retweetson Twitter), proving that KingCurls was something countless men with textured hair were longing for. 

KingCurls launched with its Hydrating and Defining Curl Styling Cream ($24), which helps to seal moisture into the hair and retain length. The brand’s signature product was carefully formulated with a potent blend of curl-enhancing ingredients. “I formulated my product with a chemist locally here in Atlanta,” Khalil says. “It has ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, and honey. Those are the prime ingredients that my mom and I have used in the past and we love on our hair. They're very strengthening and moisturizing to our texture of hair.”

When it comes to applying the product, the KingCurls founder says he likes to start by parting his hair into four sections. "Then, I wet my hair and apply the product to each section by finger combing it through," Khalil says. "Then, I put it in one big bun and I let it stretch for 15 minutes, take it out, shake my hair, and pick my roots.

While the product lineup includes one product at the moment, KingCurls will be rolling out a full line of products in the future. “We wanted to start out with a signature product to get our name out there. But, we're going to be dropping a shampoo, conditioner, oil, and leave-in conditioner kit soon,” Khalil says. 

For Khalil, he wants the KingCurls brand to inspire a generation of young boys and men to feel confident and embrace their natural texture. “I want to change the world one day. I'm trying to show [the beauty industry] that boys have hair too,” he tells us.

KingCurls' Hydrating and Defining Curl Styling Cream ($24) is being restocked for Black Friday and is available exclusively on

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