Exclusive: Beyoncé's Hairstylist Kim Kimble Launches a Sally Beauty Collection

She has your perscription to pandemic natural hair perfection.

Kim Kimble

 Kim Kimble

To say that Kim Kimble knows hair would be an understatement. The beauty legend has over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, she’s worked with a number of different hair types and textures and all of your favorite stars. Kimble gave Shakira half-time performance worthy hair at this year's Super Bowl and is Beyoncé’s longtime hairstylist working on that iconic “Ivy Park” beaded look and 30-foot length (!!!) braids for Black is King. So when we heard the beauty pro was launching a haircare line exclusively with Sally’s we just had to get the full details.

Available starting today, the Kim Kimble Sally Beauty Collection includes everything you need for achieving and maintaining that just-left-the-salon look at home: a gentle sulfate-free coconut milk cleanser, a moisturizing curl creme packed with avocado, sweet almond, and olive oils, a multitasking shine spray for protection and smoothing and a lot more. 

Byrdie chatted with Kim exclusively on all things hair, from her must-have beauty product from the new collection to creating looks for Queen Bey.

On her haircare line…

It’s designed by a woman of color who does hair, who’s actually been in the hair business and worked with a lot of different hair textures and types and understands what people need in their hair. [We have a serum] and it helps not only when you’re trying to blow your hair out and protect it but also to make the process a little easier to do. We also have curl products, like a hair lotion for natural hair because natural hair is booming and a lot of people especially during this pandemic time, are wearing more natural hair because they have to. […] I've been developing this curl pudding because I know a lot of people needed definition in their curls but they also want to make sure it has good properties in it, maybe not a gel but something that has hydration and moisture to it but still has that definition and I think we nailed it with the Curl Pudding Creme ($17). That's what makes it pretty unique because it was designed to solve a lot of problems that over the years I've come to understand what people need and want when it comes to a haircare line.

On her haircare philosophy..

It's all about making things convenient for customers and that is my overall goal, not only for them to have their hair care needs met. People shouldn't have to guess ‘What do I put in my hair?’ I'm used to doing that in the salon for my clients, there’s not a client that doesn't get out of my chair and says ‘Okay so how do I maintain this? What do I need?’ That's what I do, I pull everything, we even have like a prescription pad in our salon, like a doctor. You don't go to a doctor and leave there without him saying, this is the prescription you need and what you need to take. It’s the same thing basically, the same type of method they use is what we use and I think every hairstylist should do that because the clients are needing and wanting to know how to maintain and what to do.

On the Black-owned beauty boom…

I think it’s a great thing. I’m an entrepreneur and I understand what that’s like and I understand how important that is. The multicultural or African American market is a multi-million dollar, trillion-dollar market. I know how much African Americans deal with their hair because I've been dealing with hair for over 30 years. A lot of people benefit and not enough African Americans benefit from the beauty industry. [...] we do spend a lot on our hair and people don't even realize how much they spend on their hair, which is a good thing. I think there’s plenty of room.

On her must-have product…

I always believe in a leave-in conditioner and we have one in the Sally’s line too. You can use it if you’re wearing it curly, you can use it if you’re wearing it straight/blown out. Leave-In Conditioner ($10) is always a must-have. 

On working with Beyoncé and breaking the internet... 

A lot of people get influenced by her looks and she's forever evolving with her look and her music. She’s always ahead of the game and ahead of the curve with fashion, beauty and hair. Her hair is a big thing, when she comes out with her hair everybody wants to know what it is, where she got it, what she’s doing and how can I achieve that? It’s definitely trendsetting, trailblazing and to me, it’s a blessing. 

I love a challenge so anytime she reached out and said ‘Well I want Ivy Park beads in my braids’ or ‘I want 30-foot braids’, I'm so excited to accept the challenge. Have we ever done that before? No, but I have a great team of braiders and we figure it out. I love when she does that because it always ends up being amazing, it always breaks the internet, she’s always breaking the internet anyway with her music and her hair whatever she’s doing. It’s really good to have that challenge, I like to do things that are different, innovative, and creative. We’ve had some great opportunities over the years and 30-ft braids was definitely one of them. I had six braiders to braid them and it took 3 days.

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