Beyoncé's Hairstylist Just Created Your New Favorite Hair Products

And they're super affordable to boot.

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Kim Kimble

There are many, many things Beyoncé possesses that you and I never will. There's the bank account, of course, her 162 million Instagram followers, her 24 Grammys, her velvet voice, and handful of homes. But what if I told you her hair wasn't one of them, that you could get a Bey-approved mane with just one pit stop at Walmart?

Today is a great one for anyone with hair, as stylist-to-the-stars Kim Kimble launches her collection of salon-grade products at Walmart. According to Kimble, the affordable-yet-luxe line is the exact one she uses on her roster of A-List clients that includes Zendaya, Nicki Minaj, Halle Berry, Shakira, and yes, Beyoncé. "I guess you can say the entire line was inspired by my celebrity clients," Kimble explains to Byrdie. "I created it to be the solution to many hair problems I have come across during my career."

The line itself is robust, comprised of 17 items (including hot tools) that fill out a basic haircare routine but also includes the crucial extras, like deep conditioning masks, a heat protectant, and a pomade for laying edges and baby hairs just so. For Kimble, the goal was always to bring movie star-worthy hair to the masses, and this distribution partnership with Walmart offered a perfect solution.

collection of hair products

Kim Kimble

"I want everyone to be able to have great hair. There still aren't a lot of options out there for natural hair that really work," Kimble tells us. "While you can find some great products at beauty supply stores, not everyone lives in an area where they have access to those stores. Walmarts are everywhere! That way, people with natural hair can find products that will work for them at an affordable price, without having to search far and wide for a location!"

One of the standout products in the line is the Star Treatment Masque ($13.97), a deep-conditioning and damage-repairing treatment made with Chebe seed powder and black castor oil. Gentle enough even for fine hair and instantly hydrating, it's a personal favorite of Kimble's, too. "I love our Star Treatment Masque," she gushes. "It really nourishes, hydrates and heals the hair while adding a ton of volume."

Key Ingredients

A special blend of seeds, cloves and resin originated by the Basara women of Chad, Chebe powder blends are credited by the group for helping their textured hair grow to eye-popping lengths without breakage. The ultra-hydrating combination seals the hair cuticle to prevent strands from snapping off while adding moisture and volume. Chebe powder is now popping up in products as a must-have for hair growth, appearing as an ingredient in damage-repairing treatments and conditioners.

If moisture is what you're after, the Miracle Hair Oil ($12.97) is another black castor oil-powered hydrating solution that also uses its amino acid-heavy formulation to bring stressed hair back from the brink and put the brakes on breakage. A heat protectant is also a critical component of in the product lineup for anyone using hot tools, which Kimble recommends you apply every time you use heat. Her own Blockbuster Heat Protectant ($10.97) isn't just your line of defense against the flat iron, it's also a nourishing conditioner in its own right thanks to coconut and sweet almond oil.

White bottle of hair oil
Kim Kimble Miracle Hair Oil $12.97

For styling, the Movie Set Mousse ($12.97) is a one-and-done. Infused with sweet almond and avocado oil, the mousse smooths, protects, and holds styles while simultaneously adding volume. It's ideal for applying pre-style, particularly if you're about to go in with a flat iron or rollers, the product description details.

White foam dispenser of mousse
Kim Kimble Movie Set Mousse $12.97

If you're unsure where to start with so many products, Kimble suggests you build out the basics and adjust the rest on a day-by-day basis. "I would recommend everyone interested in the line use the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in, then choose the right styling products for your styling needs that day," she prescribes. "Using one of my hot tools? Add the Blockbuster Heat Protectant to your routine! Doing a high pony? Keep your edges laid with the Edge Taming Pomade."

If there's one person with whom to entrust your head, it's Kimble. Though the Walmart line might be her biggest distribution collaboration (to date, anyway), she released a line with Sally Beauty Supply last year and a signature HSN collaboration in 2016. Well before that, was known to whip up homemade products and treatments for her clients, something Kimble says she learned from her grandmother. "She was known to create her own home remedies for hair." Kimble's new line isn't just the natural progression of a legendary career—it's family tradition.

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