Kim KW on the $5 Beauty Product She Loves (and the One She "Absolutely Hates")

As someone who was about to interview one of the most recognizable people in the entire known universe, I was surprisingly calm as I walked through South Coast Plaza on my way to Kim Kardashian West's KKW Beauty pop-up shop. The shopping center, which is located in Costa Mesa, is massive. Let's just say, it's large enough for me to require the use of a map (and directions offered up to me by a couple of very kind security guards) to find the site of the aforementioned pop-up. I was told it was situated on the first level, between a Hugo Boss and a Burberry.

I was there to speak with the multi-hyphenate and pop-culture icon about the pop-up shop itself, which is the second one ever created for her cosmetics line, KKW Beauty. The first one took place last year in Los Angeles. Since then, she's grown her eponymous line to include new products, collections, and fans. It's only fitting that the second and latest pop-up should come soon thereafter. So that's where I found myself at 10 a.m., in desperate need of caffeine but not willing to search out any at the risk of losing my spot in an ever-expanding crowd of fans and onlookers.