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Kim Kardashian Posted a Throwback Makeup Photo, and You Have to See Her Brows

Looking back at the makeup choices you made as a teen always garners a good laugh. I confidently rocked my royal blue mascara, colorful eye shadow, and ridiculously sticky lipgloss like my life depended on it. Kim Kardashian West is notoriously known for dropping rather provocative photos on Instagram, especially these past few months with the release of KKW Body Fragrance. However, yesterday she lightened her feed up a bit by posting a throwback photo every young makeup lover can relate to. 

She captioned this photo, "17 years old here (1997) with my friend @sarahrhoward You can hardly see here but I'm wearing green eyeshadow to match my dress and hair clips (that I made)," she writes. "She was the one who got me into colored eyeshadow and would bring me samples from her dads make up line called Make Up Forever! I fell in love with make up hard core from seeing their pigments, she now writes her own beauty blog called" 

Is this going to mark a resurgence of green eye shadow and hair clips? We wouldn't be mad at the trend's comeback. Shout-out to Make Up For Ever for providing the public with highly pigmented eye shadows for decades. It's also hard to ignore Kim's severely skinny brows. Pencil-thin brows were a thing of the '90s that many of us fell victim to. But her brow transformation is seriously impressive. I mean, look at how amazing they are now. 


We know KKW has enlisted the help of celebrity brow expert Anastasia Beverly Hills, who has been grooming her brows the past few years. If you're trying to grow your brows like crazy, there are plenty of tricks to get them up to speed. You can fill your diet with a healthy amount of protein like Byrdie's managing editor, Lindsey Metrus. Or you can depend on the below brow-lengthening products that Byrdie editors and experts alike love for their magical growth powers. 

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Curious about more of Kim Kardashian West's beauty secrets? Here's a step-by-step story of how she gets her super-glossy strands. 

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