Kim Kardashian Goes PLATINUM Blonde—See the Photo!

Kim Kardashian's bronzy, contoured beauty look may have stayed the same over the past few years, but her hair is a whole other story. First, she went for the chop with a shoulder-length new cut a few weeks ago. Then, today, she debuted a plantinum blonde new 'do while she was in town for Paris Fashion Week. Cue the Internet freakout. We can't forget the last time she "went blonde" via Instagram, then told everyone it was just a wig. However, the pictures don't lie—this time, the Marilyn Monroe-esque strands look very, very real, and styled in her signature slicked-back style, natch. We're actually kind of shocked at how much we like it. Kardashian posted a photo on her Instagram and credited her longtime makeup artist Joyce Bonelli as her inspiration, hairstylist Gregory Russell for her chop, and colorist Lori Goddard of Goddard + Bragg Salon in Los Angeles for the brand new hue. 

We spoke with Goddard shortly after these photos surfaced and asked her all our pressing questions. Namely, how in the world did Goddard manage to bring Kim from raven-black to this platinum shade in one sitting? "It took approximately four to five hours," Goddard tells us. "It was a five-step process, but we did it in one session." She explains that it's extremely difficult to bring dark hair to this silvery-blonde color, because "it shifts the condition of the hair," but you can keep your hair strong if you follow some rules. First, do a strand test to make sure your hair is strong enough to go lighter. Another tip? "Begin the hair process away from the scalp, working with ends first," she says. "The scalp exudes heat, which quickens the dying process." Noted! As for maintenance, Goddard says it's imperative to stay away from straightening irons as much as possible, use low-heat styling tools when you do heat style, and make sure you have a super-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. And when we asked her to describe the whole process? "It was a magical evening," she says. Clearly!

What do you thinkis this the real deal? Are you a fan of her new platinum blonde hair? Sound off below!