Surprise: Kim Kardashian West Just Dyed Her Hair Bright Pastel Pink

Kim Kardashian West was the driving force behind the platinum hair trend, which is still going strong on social media and in celeb circles. We remember when she first debuted her icy new look at Paris Fashion Week and left all of us stunned. After all, before that initial platinum dye job all the way back in 2015, she was known for her long raven locks. In 2018, though, it seems like West is calling quits on platinum. (Alas, even a trend that's so thoroughly endorsed by a Kardashian can't stick around forever). Yesterday, the reality star and social media mogul took to Instagram to unveil her new hair color, which is a surprising, bright pastel pink. She's only had the new color for 24 hours, but we can't help but wonder: Is this the start of a new go-to look?