Whoa: Kim K. Looks Just Like Kylie With Her Candy-Colored New Hair

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If it was 2015, and you asked us which Kardashian sister was most prone to switching up her standard hair color, we'd confidently answer "Kylie," because the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family has tried almost every singe hue, experimenting with various shades of blonde, pink, teal, dark green, and mint. She had successfully made hair color her "thing," even launching her own line of hair extensions. Anyone remember that episode of KUWTK when Kim was upset Kylie had blue hair for her wedding? Yeah, Kim was known for being much more consistent in her hair color choices, sticking mainly to her original raven-colored tresses.

But Mrs. Kardashian-West has taken to sporting some pretty unusual hair colors (for her, at least). Over the course of the past few years, she's opted for icy platinum, bubblegum pink and fiery red hair. Her wildest hair color experimentation had us stunned to see her looking like the spitting image of Kylie with a head full of mint green waves. While it's not the color we expected to see her wear, we must say, we're obsessed with the result.

Here she is in all of her mint green hair glory. Kardashian posted the image with a succinct and wordless caption: the mermaid emoji. That's apt, considering her full, cascading waves look like they've come straight out of some modern interpretation of The Little Mermaid

We're confident that this is a wig, and not an actual dye job, since her hair was much, much shorter than the waist-length green locks she displayed on Instagram. We're also confident that she has taken some inspiration from Kylie's past hair color experiments, since it's almost the exact same shade as the one Kylie sported at a red carpet event all the way back in 2015. The only difference is in the styling and length as Kim's full and wavy waist-length hair differs from Kylie's cropped cut. 

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Here's Kylie's take on mint green hair, which she debuted at a movie premiere in Los Angeles in 2015. While her hair is much shorter and much less wavy, it certainly appears to be an exact match as far as the color goes. Notice, however, that Kylie kept her dark roots peeking through at the top; Kim's take on mint green showed not a hint of her natural colors. This is yet more evidence pointing towards the theory that Kim was wearing a wig. 

Kim tagged her longtime friend and hairstylist Chris Appleton in her Instagram photo, implying that he might have been the one responsible for this look. We love how fun and eye-catching this color is, and certainly different from her traditionally dark locks, but since then, she's returned to her standard straight brunette, which is just as stunning, if significantly more classic.

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