Exclusive: Kim Kardashian West Told Us 6 Secrets No One Knows About KKW Beauty


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Of all the dreamlike circumstances under which to meet Kim Kardashian West, the day before her first-ever KKW Beauty pop-up, hosted at the billion-dollar Westfield mall in Century City, California, around the corner from a Tesla store and a Lululemon, might be the most surreal of all. Today I have an interview with the 37-year-old to discuss the products that have brought us all here: KKW Beauty and Fragrance. Ever since launching last summer (exactly one year ago today, in fact), Kardashian West's eponymous brand—which offers products from cream contour kits and concealers to lip glosses and eye shadows, all encased in her signature matte nude packaging—has been storming our social media feeds and selling out at record speeds. When the brand first debuted on digital shelves, it sold out within three hours, netting the brand an estimated $14.4 million.

But consumers haven't been able to shop for KKW's products in real life until now: This is thanks to a month-long Los Angeles pop-up shop in the mall's sunny atrium, where amid latte-hued walls and human-size art installations of lip glosses and eye shadow pans, guests can get their hands on the whole KKW line, including sold-out goods. It is in this dreamy space where I meet Kim, currently swathed in a cream-colored bandage dress and shiny black waves down to her hip bones. For 11 hazy minutes, I ask Kim to spill all the KKW Beauty brand secrets even its most die-hard fans wouldn't know, like how to use the products in secret ways, how to save money shopping online, and who she's planning to collaborate with next. Curious? Keep scrolling to read what went down.