3 Major Makeup Mistakes to Avoid, According to Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist

Mario Dedivanovic is somewhat of a makeup mogul. He's best known for being Kim Kardashian West's makeup artist, but he's also worked with her sisters, Gabrielle Union, Priyanka Chopra, and Chrissy Teigen (to name a few). His signature baked makeup, fluffy lashes, pristine contouring and expertly placed highlight combination is Instagram gold, with his beautiful subjects looking as though they've been airbrushed and filtered IRL.

Thankfully, Dedivanovic isn't stingy with his application tips and favorite products. He's even hosted a number of "Master Classes" where he performs a full face of makeup on stage, sometimes even with Kim as his muse. So if you haven't been fortunate enough to score a ticket to one of Dedivanovic's classes (which will cost you upward of $300), our friends at Allure lent some of the top tips they learned at a recent seminar. Keep scrolling to find out what they are!

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