I Took a Master Class With Kim K.'s Makeup Artist—Here's Everything I Learned

If you happened to stumble into the Screening Room at the Crosby Street Hotel on December 16, 2016, you would have seen a small group of women in the audience, swiftly typing on their phones at a manic pace while a man at the front of the room applied makeup to a model. Given the individuals’ seeming interest in their phones and not the man, you may have assumed you had walked in on an incredibly boring presentation. You would have assumed wrong.

In truth, the women were beauty editors, and the man at the front of the room was none other than Mario Dedivanovic, aka @makeupbymario—he of Kim Kardashian West–sculpted-cheekbones fame. And we weren’t tap-tap-tapping on our phones out of apathy, but rather a frantic desire to jot down every last tip Dedivanovic casually dropped along the way as he demonstrated his signature bronzed, glowing look on the model on stage. Perhaps unsurprisingly, West’s makeup artist has the type of soothing demeanor and lilting voice that washes over you like a Xanax and puts you in a semi-meditative state, which would be great except for the fact that he was spilling mind-blowing beauty tips left and right. And thus, I resisted the urge to sit back and watch him sculpt, shade, and transform the model’s face in front of me, and instead did my best to record every tip he shared—and trust me when I say there were many. From sandbagging to the bobby-pin ear trick (it’s as weird as it sounds), keep scrolling to find out everything I learned.