In Which Kim Kardashian West Gives Me a Contouring Lesson in Her Living Room


Getty/Gary Gershoff

It’s a particularly warm Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles, and I am sitting in Kim Kardashian West’s living room.

(Nope—preluding it with the weather doesn’t make the situation seem any less bizarre. I tried?)

At least I think it’s Kardashian’s living room. The bright, glass-contained space—nestled in the hills of Bel Air—has been transformed into a makeshift showroom awash in bubblegum pink. The word beauty is emblazoned on one wall. At the front of the room, a pedestal boasts the wares of the businesswoman’s latest venture: her KKW Beauty collection.

But it’s all still weirdly familiar—I am, after all, on a television set that happens to be someone’s home. I’m surrounded by a handful of other editors with equally nonplussed expressions on their faces; we can scarcely believe where we are. But then, without any fanfare whatsoever, there’s another person among our ranks. Kardashian casually sits down and introduces herself, and the room falls completely silent. “The couches are usually right there,” she says breezily, wet-look waves cascading down her shoulders. “We had to move the piano. North was so confused this morning when she wanted to play.”

I can only assume that North’s world will be reassembled tomorrow—but first, the Kardashian-West residence will play host to the KKW Beauty launch party later this evening. But though the expansive first floor has been freed of any lived-in clutter and done up with extravagant decorations—a mirrored “selfie room” adorned with fresh roses, for example—I’m still all too aware that I am strolling around the home of one of the world’s most recognizable families. Minutes before sitting down with the woman of the hour for a one-on-one conversation in the foyer, I help myself to some snacks from her kitchen counter.

So in the spirit of this very surreal kind of intimacy, my first question for Kardashian is more of a confession: I am decidedly anti-contour. As soon as the words escape my lips, I half expect to hear a cartoonish record scratch bring the busy room to a screeching halt. But her expression remains affable as she explains how even people with an extremely low-key approach to makeup—like, ahem, me—can play with contouring. “It doesn’t all have to be about sculpting and those crazy lines everyone sees in the photos,” she says of the KKW Beauty Creme Contour & Highlight Kit ($48). “I really use it if I don’t want to wear foundation, and I just want that warmth on my skin. I just draw two lines [down my nose] and blend with my fingers or the blending brush.” In fact, the product was specifically formulated for this kind of user-friendliness—it’s why Kardashian chose a cream formula, housed in a dual-ended stick. “That’s [also] why we went with two colors—one is way lighter of a contour, so if you mess up, it’s not that serious.” I'm semi-convinced.