Kim Kardashian on Unicorn Makeup, YouTube Tutorials, and Her "Glitzy" New Launch

Calling Kim Kardashian West a businesswoman is like calling the ocean a body of water; true technically, but a gross understatement nonetheless. Yes, she's a businesswoman—she's the owner of a successful personal app and the Kimoji business, and she's the creator of a namesake makeup line that sells out every product it produces in minutes. But with her reach and ubiquity, the term mogul feels more fitting. And moguls have their own set of stereotypes, usually perceived as notoriously cutthroat or icily detached. Yet the person speaking to me on the phone is warm, soft-spoken, and surprisingly affable.   

We've connected to discuss her newest KKW Beauty launch (five shimmery highlighting powders and corresponding holographic lip glosses), but two minutes into the call, the conversation has shifted over to her daughter North's obsession with YouTube makeup tutorials. Kim laughs like any mother would over her daughter's burgeoning obsessions, seemingly rueful but bursting with pride. "We're already planning next year's Halloween look," she tells me. "Right now she's really inspired by Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas. So she might be inspired to do that kind of look. It will change 500 times, but so far, we're stuck on Sally's makeup." 

Throughout our interview, I can't help but observe how nice Kim is in a way that feels completely unmanufactured. She laughs easily, gets excited when remembering a nostalgic beauty product, and seems genuinely passionate about the new makeup she's creating for her millions of followers and fans. ("It just seems like there's so much going on with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and I'm just like, ahhh can it all be over so I can just launch my new products!" she tells me with the excitement of a kid on the first day of school.)

Kim Kardashian West is a millionaire mogul who's supremely poised and physically beyond flaw (this is the woman who brought contouring to the masses after all), but she's also gracious and, dare I say it, strangely relatable. Plus, I ended the call with the strong, fervent desire to purchase every single one of her new highlighters and glosses—proof the KKW effect is still very much real.

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KKW Beauty's Ultra Light Beam Duos launch December 1, 2018, at 12 p.m. PST on

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