Kim Kardashian's Y2K Hello Kitty French Manicure Is a Maximalist's Dream

So cute.

Kim Kardashian in a pink dress


Ever since her creation in 1974, Hello Kitty has had a chokehold on pop culture, especially in the early 2000s. While you can wear all the low-rise jeans and body glitter you want to emulate Y2K style, I remember Hello Kitty being one of the hottest things to wear. Back in the day, celebs wore everything from diamond-encrusted Hello Kitty necklaces to bedazzled phone cases with her face on them, and Kim Kardashian is bringing Hello Kitty back (though let's be real, she never really left) with her latest manicure.

On April 13, Kardashian posted a photo of her Hello Kitty French manicure, courtesy of celebrity nail artist, Kim Truong. Truong is also the mastermind behind Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s cherry milk bath nails, and she created an equally as cute manicure for Kim, whose nails were shaped into a long French manicure with a coffin shape. Her mani featured a typical white tip with a crisp line, but instead of using a nude base color, Truong created a strawberry milk base that matches the pink faux fur Kardashian is clutching. On Kardashian’s left ring finger, Truong glued a cute a 3D Hello Kitty decal, and on her right ring finger, Truong created cherry blossoms with with rhinestone centers.

Kim Kardashian's Hello Kitty nails


Kardashian’s Instagram feed has been all about her babies lately, and she wore this manicure while on a recent trip with her kids to Tokyo. Her oldest, North, wore a matching (yet way more blinged-out) Sanrio-inspired manicure created by celebrity nail artist, Diem Truong.

But, back to Kardashian’s manicure. Although you may feel like you’ve seen every kind of French manicure there is by this point, Kim shows that there are ways to amp up the classic styles with new trends. Kardashian’s manicure is a hodge-podge of all the cutest spring trends, including the strawberry milk manicure, the French manicure, and a reference to the “balletcore” manicure. Though Kardashian’s manicure doesn’t feature the bows or ribbons that would cement it into the balletcore category, it still has the same cute motifs and pink hues from the trend.

Kardashian finished her Tokyo outfit with grey sweats and a matching grey sports bra, grey and white sneakers, futuristic silver sunnies with black lenses, and, of course, a Sanrio-appropriate pink faux fur coat and a matching pink faux fur handbag.

There is nothing quite as cute as a Hello Kitty manicure, and we’re for sure saving this for our next nail appointment

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