15 Times We Bowed Down and Worshipped Kim KW's Hair

Kim Kardashian West was a style icon long before she founded her buzzy beauty brand, gained 112 million followers on Instagram, accepted influencer awards, and had her own namesake game on the app store. In fact, we can trace it all back to a decade ago, in 2008, which is when Keeping up With The Kardashians first premiered. Ever since then she (along with her famous sisters) has been inspiring new trends—whether that's taking semi-naked Instagram selfies, applying contour, undergoing a so-called "vampire facial," or donning the wet-look hairstyle. Whether or not any of those trends are dying out in popularity is irrelevant, because the woman behind them certainly isn't. That's why, by now, it seems like we should edit the old adage to "trends come and go, but the Kardashians are forever."

While most people focus on her neutral yet daring fashion statements or perfect makeup, we've always had a special appreciation for her hair. Whether it's raven black, platinum blonde, or bubblegum pink, Kim K and her hairstylists know what they're doing. Every time she steps out, we have yet another new 'do to look to for inspiration. Keep scrolling to see our 15 favorite hairstyles Kim Kardashian West has worn yet.