Kim Kardashian West Eats These Foods for Longer, Thicker Hair

Kim Kardashian West is a complete hair chameleon: One day she has a slick lob; the next day she's donning platinum-blonde hair that sprawls past her rib cage (at Kanye's request, no less). Thanks to wigs and extensions, she's able to transform her locks at the drop of a hat, but even without the help of hair additions, KKW's thick, lustrous mane is undeniable. We're sure her Armenian genetics play a large role, but Kardashian West says her protein- and vitamin-rich diet is also a key player. Recently in her app, KKW shared every food she eats for "long, strong, shiny hair." Take a scroll with us to learn what they are.

Kim Kardashian Hair
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Kardashian West explains that eggs are a great source of biotin, omega-3s, and protein, all of which promote healthy growth and stronger strands. The one catch—make sure you're not neglecting the yolk, as it contains 43% of the egg's protein.


The fatty acids in avocados prevent hair loss and breakage and also encourage new hair growth and reduce scalp inflammation. Go ahead—get the guac.


KKW explains that your body doesn't produce omega-3s on its own, so you need to supplement through food. Salmon is an excellent source of  omega-3s, as are other fish like mackerel, herring, and albacore tuna. The American Heart Association advises eating two servings (3.5-ounce portions) of fatty fish per week.


Carrots contain beta-carotene, which gets converted to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is a key converter for cell growth and thus essential for growing longer hair. KKW recommends roasting them or blending them into a smoothie. 

Dark Chocolate

Hair-healthy foods don't have to be completely serious and boring—dark chocolate is rich in copper, zinc, and iron, which stimulate oxygen and blood flow to the scalp, thus promoting growth. 


Having a zinc deficiency could potentially lead to hair loss, so eating a zinc-rich food like oysters will help restore levels.

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