These Are the 5 Foods Kim Kardashian West Always Keeps in Her Fridge


Getty Images

My fascination with Kim Kardashian West spans so much further than just KUWTK and her business empire. It's the way she makes baggy over-the-knee boots look chic. The way her center part is always perfectly straight—even at the gym. It's even the fact that she uses drugstore makeup remover like we do. See? Stars are just like us! Well... sort of. My hair would fall out if I took it from black to platinum in just a few hours. And yet, still, I'm thrilled to get a peek into the life of Kim, even if it's only for a minute and totally mundane. For example, when she spilled the five groceries she always keeps stocked in her fridge on her app, I took note. I mean, she lost 70 pounds, works out like a maniac, and looks darn good—I'll take all the help I can get. 

Keep scrolling for the groceries Kim Kardashian West always buys (and notice how they're shockingly... normal).


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