The Weird Way Kim Kardashian West Uses Concealer for Longer Lashes

Kim Kardashian
Getty Images/ Jerritt Clark

Concealer is a quick fix for so many of our woes. Stayed out too late? Concealer. Breakout trying to surface? Concealer. Overdrew your bank account? Concealer. (If only.) In the name of beauty, it's the do-it-all product that brightens and lifts with just a few taps. Kim Kardashian West certainly knows this to be true, having capitalized on her signature over-concealed contour look with her own concealer kit. But turns out the beauty mogul uses the product for much more than to just bake and brighten—she uses it to hack her way to longer, fuller lashes.

Kardashian West took to her app to share "7 genius ways to use concealer," one of which is as a lash primer. She explains that if you don't have a volumizing mascara (like her favorite L'Oréal Voluminous Mascara ($7), you can put some concealer on a small makeup brush and brush through your lashes. "Wait for it to set, then apply your mascara. Instant length and volume!" she explains.

KKW also shared a brilliant tip for using concealer to make bold lip color pop: First, exfoliate your lips to make them ultra-smooth. Then, pat on some concealer to neutralize your lips so that the lip color takes center stage and is even more striking and vibrant. The more you know.

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