Kim Kardashian Reveals Her ENTIRE Beauty Routine, Contouring Included

Kim Kardashian is a beauty icon of epic proportions, and though her look is in its own niche, there's no denying that the masses all want to know what she uses, and how she uses it. Thanks to Into The Gloss, the daily makeup routine of Mrs. West is a mystery no longer. In an exclusive interview with the beauty site, Kardashian shared her favorite moisturizer, sunscreen, mascara, and foundation, in addition to the person responsible for her #onfleek brows (that would be Anastasia Soare, of Anastasia Beverly Hills).

Some other highlights from the interview include the revelation that Kardashian found her favorite "bigger kabuki brush" on eBay, and that she uses it to apply foundation to cover her psoraisis. Another surprise? Her five-day no-wash hair routine (day one is a blowout, two is messy, three is flat iron, four is sleek ponytail, and five it gets washed again). Get it, girl. 

Head on over to Into The Gloss to read the rest of the interview!