Kim Chi and Trixie Mattel Teamed Up For a Fun Y2K-Inspired Makeup Collection

We tried it out.

kim chi chic and trixie mattel pose for their makeup collection promo

Kim Chi Chic Beauty

There's something enticingly fun and appealing about using makeup to transform your face with color and technique. It's why I've been obsessed with the art and business of cosmetics for over five years. 

When it comes to understanding makeup's transformative powers, no one gets it better than drag queens. Queens have pioneered and popularized many makeup techniques like contouring and baking. They also use lipsticks, highlighters, and eyeshadows to change into drag personas for millions to watch, and they do it flawlessly. As drag culture has become more mainstream, millions tune into RuPaul's Drag Race weekly to see their favorite queens perform and compete for the crown. Two of the most successful drag queens to come out of the franchise are Trixie Mattel and KimChi. 

You've probably seen KimChi Chic Beauty at your local CVS and Trixie Cosmetics at Urban Outfitters. Now, the two have come together for a special collaboration. The power duo released their BFF4EVR  makeup collaboration, combining eyeshadows, semi-matte and matte lipsticks, blushes, and highlighters. "We have a lot of neutrals that you can use to do a complete look, and we also have fun colors to make it extra special," says Chi. "From there, we're putting out the only products you'll ever need to do a full face, whether it's to go to the office or a party."

While the makeup in the BFF4EVR collab is colorful and fun, the duo also paid close attention to detail with the packaging because it's very important. "Much of the packaging design was inspired by Y2K girls magazines, which is what we grew up with," says Mattel. "If drag has taught Kim and me anything, it's that packaging matters. Ultimately, if we were not dressed up and lip-synching at the club, you'd be like those people who need to sit down and go home."

For this collection, fans will notice bright pinks, blues, and heart-shaped compacts alongside an early 2000s computer screen theme across the board. Now that you know more about the collection, let's get to the fun part—trying the makeup. Read my honest review ahead.

The Review

Before we go through each product, I wanted to note that all products in this collection are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and synthetic fragrance-free. The products are also free of parabens, sulfates, and talc. 

kim chi chic x trixie mattel collab

Kim Chi Chic Beauty

MVPalette ($45): This palette features 20 shades of blendable eyeshadows in an assortment of colors, from neutral mattes and shimmers to colorful glitters and shimmers. 

I've been using KimChi Chic Beauty's eyeshadows for quite some time now, and I love how pigmented they are. From this collection, my go-to look involves Let Them Eat Cake (a shimmery pink) and A La Mode (a glittery neutral). 

In terms of formula, the colors apply smoothly and are very pigmented. There's a bit of fallout, which is expected with glitter and bright colors, but nothing out of the ordinary. After a long day of wear, the glitter was still intact on my eyelid and had barely budged—I was impressed. 

Tip from Trixie: "Get KimChi's concealer. It's like $8, and if you're wearing colorful shadows without concealer, you should be in jail anyway."

BRBlush ($16): The blush duo in this collection features a cool baby pink and a hot magenta. I’m a fan of all things pink, so I went for the hot magenta. With this product, a little goes a long way, and all I needed was a dab to add color to the apples of my cheeks. It’s nice because there’s a lighter shade for casual, no-makeup makeup looks and a bright shade that you can wear to make more of a statement. 

WTHighlight ($28): Highlighters generally aren’t my favorite makeup product because they typically never sit well on top of my foundation. However, this highlighter duo with a blue pearl shade and a pink pearl shade is very pigmented and opalescent. It adds a glow to the skin and is a flattering shade for all complexions. Personally, I felt these shades were too shiny for my liking, but if you know how to nail a highlight, these will be perfect for you. 

LOLips ($15) and TTYLips ($15): My favorite part of any makeup routine is lipstick. The BFF4EVR  collection comes with eight shades (four semi-matte shades and four liquid mattes) in red, nude, pink, and brick, inspired by Mattel and Chi. I tried the pink shade TTYL03 Pink Fantasy, and I was a fan. The semi-matte hues contain Vitamin E to hydrate lips, whereas the matte shades have coconut oil and beeswax to nourish and condition.

I’ve been a long-time enthusiast of Trixie Cosmetics Stacy Lipstick ($16), and the LOLips shade in Pink Sorbet is in the same color family but on the lighter side. Although it is a matte lipstick, it wasn’t super drying and didn’t make my lips feel crusty, which was a bonus. I preferred the liquid matte lipsticks to the bullet form, but both had similar color payoff and longevity. 

Pink Girl Fan ($20): Now, every drag enthusiast needs a fan. The collection features a handheld fan with a design inspired by the fun collaboration alongside the title of the collab.

byrdie contributor casey clark wearing the kim chi x trixie mattel collab

Casey Clark

Here I am wearing a few products from the Kim Chi x Trixie Mattel collaboration including the eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, and lipstick.

Final Thoughts

Makeup is about self-expression and confidence, and the BFF4EVR collection has everything to capture those feelings. With various products for looks across the board, the collection is suitable for anyone seeking a neutral daytime look or something bold to party with a night. While two drag queens made the collection, it really is versatile and has something for everyone whether or not they work in nightlife. 

You can shop the collection when it becomes available at

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