The Brow Product That's Wildly Popular in Korea (and Why You Need It)

If there are two things we love in the beauty sphere, they're Korean beauty and lazy-girl beauty, so a product that combines both of those elements is a guaranteed homerun in our books. Add to that a product that can also give us perfect brows, and our heads might just explode.

Well, readers, consider our minds blown. Enter: the Clio Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo ($20). PopSugar recently shed light on this genius K-beauty brow product that works in your sleep. Forget tinting your brows, waiting, and wiping—with this eyebrow marker, you can actually draw on a full set of arches at night before you hit the pillow and wake up to bolder, more defined brows.

The felt-tip marker resembles a Sharpie, so it may be alarming at first, but never fear—you won't be left with Groucho Marx brows. The formula is a subtle tint, so just wash your face as you normally would when you wake up in the morning, et voilà—full, beautiful brows. How long does it last, you ask? The product adheres to your brow hairs for a week straight, so while salon tinting lasts longer, you'll ultimately save money taking the DIY route—not to mention the process is so easy, you won't mind being your own brow guru.

What's your all-time-favorite brow product? Tell us below!