This Makeup Brand Is Like the MAC of Milan

You might think that after unboxing, swatching, and straight-up hoarding hundreds of beauty products for the past few years, I might be a bit jaded when it comes to discovering new brands. You might think that—but you’d be wrong. Unlike Tinder-ing, the thrill of stumbling upon a truly amazing line of products you’ve never heard of doesn’t lose its luster, no matter how many bad dates disappointing encounters you’ve had. Add in the fact that said brand also happens to be wallet-friendly and hails from overseas, and you have me, right here, right now, sharing the news about my new favorite makeup discovery: Kiko Milano. Keep scrolling to find out why this Italian makeup brand should be on your radar!


Head over to to shop the collection and tell me: What’s the best beauty brand you’ve discovered while traveling?

Opening Image: The Black Pearl Blog