How to Fall Asleep Like Khloé Kardashian



Khloé Kardashian let us take a sneak peek into her world (more so than her show does, in this case) in a recent post on her app. The reality darling shares to contents of her bedside table—something that can be decidedly intimate for all of us. 

Among the contents were a few lotions, aspirin, and reading glasses. And Hot Tamales for late-night snacking. A girl after our own heart. The most interesting, however, was L'Occitane's Lavender Roll-On Relaxing Essential Oil ($15) to help with calming her ever-buzzing mind as she goes to bed. It works "to help me relax and fall asleep,” Kardashian explained. Since we're pretty into essential oils ourselves (here's a beginner's guide so you can get familiar), we're thrilled to hear she dabs lavender on her body just as often as we do.

Looking for more than just lavender? Here's a special trick to falling asleep in less than a minute.