Exclusive: Khloe and Malika on Beauty Blunders and Baby True

Those lucky enough to visit L.A.’s Lombardi House will instantly feel like they’ve been transported to another era. Its airy, sun-lit rooms and expansive lawn offer a mix of refined taste and old-school glamour, finished with a dash of hominess. It’s not surprising that Khloe Kardashian and Malika Haqq would choose this space as the setting for the launch of their brand-new makeup collection with Becca Cosmetics. Like the venue itself, the pair are surrounded by a sense of luxury and glamour, yet—as I soon come to learn—they still manage to remain warm, approachable, and inviting. If the stately facade of Lombardi House is their public image, then the illuminated windows and twinkly firefly lights are their genuinely likable personalities. If the expansive lawn and manicured garden is their penchant for glamour, then the cozy nooks and covered porches are their matching sense of humor.

The first thing I notice is that regardless of what you believe or don’t believe about reality television, Khloe and Malika are unmistakably, undeniably best friends. Throughout the interview, they finish each other’s sentence and engage in the kind of light-hearted, comfortable banter that only comes from being in the presence of someone you feel completely at ease with. Case in point: when Malika sees the last-minute notes in my notepad—hastily jotted down in the back of a careening Uber on the way to the interview—and compliments me on my handwriting, she widens her eyes at Khloe, as if asking, “Don’t you wish?” Khloe responds with a shake of her head: “Honey, I couldn’t do that if I was sitting still!” They dissolve into laughter, and in that moment, they’re not celebrities, businesswomen, or reality TV stars—they’re best friends, pure and simple. 

From makeup blunders to what it’s really like to create a line with your best friend, keep scrolling to get to know Khloe and Malika.