Meet the Bronzer That Sculpts Kardashian-Level Cheekbones



Perfectly accentuated bone structure is as signature to the Kardashian sisters as their impossibly glossy hair—they are the clan that launched many a contour palette, after all. But even as the overly sculpted look seems to be on the decline, those cheekbones won't shape themselves—and there's another Kardashian-approved technique to give them a more subtle lift. 

Makeup artist Ashley K Holm took to Instagram earlier this week to reveal a daytime look she had crafted for Khloé Kardashian. And rather than the traditional heavy contouring technique of using multiple shades of foundation followed by copious amounts of highlighter and darker powder, Kolm just dusted on a bit of bronzer beneath Kardashian's cheekbones to make them pop. Keep scrolling to see which product she used.