We Played "Would You Rather: Fitness Edition" With Khloé Kardashian

What's not to love about Khloé Kardashian? She's funny, she's beautiful, and she's all about loving who you are, inside and out. And the reality star-turned-businesswoman practices what she preaches, as evidenced by her disciplined fitness regimen, healthy diet, and most recently, her partnership with the Live Chin Up Movement, Kybella's initiative to ask people to look at themselves with fresh eyes and to "be your own cheerleader." At a launch event for the brand, we sat down with Khloé to look at her daily fitness grind with fresh eyes—so to speak—in a game of "Would You Rather?" Needless to say, hilarity ensued. Keep scrolling to read her answers!

BYRDIE: Okay, so the first question is, would you rather workout alone or with a partner?

KHLOÉ KARDASHIAN: Alone, like, without a trainer?


KK: With a partner—if they're on my level. [Laughs]

BYRDIE: I'm guessing your sisters are on your level? Maybe?

KK: Kourtney is. Which I'm shocked about! I didn't know she was, and I love working out with Kourt.

BYRDIE: Next one. Would you rather work out on the East Coast or West Coast?

KK: West Coast. I can't figure out New York. I come here all the time but if you were to say, "Meet me on like, Sixth and... whatever." I'm like, what the hell does that mean? I can't be here by myself. I don't know how to get anywhere. Even in a car, I don't know where I'm going. So I feel just super intimidated. I went to SoulCycle here once, and I thought I was gonna die. How do I get back home?! You act like there's no cars here. That's how it seems. No—so, L.A. I'm very controlling. I like driving myself somewhere and like the freedom of going anywhere I want. I don't know. I can't figure out New York yet.


BYRDIE: Strength training or cardio?

KK: Strength training. Strength training at the end of the day burns more calories than cardio does. I like that. Just recently, I Instagrammed a photo and I made my leg bigger. I was Photoshopping it because I had a little bump on my leg so I just moved that and I got like, [comments about how] the door jam was moved on my photo, and I was like, first of all, I didn't Photoshop my whole stomach area, I was trying to make my leg bigger! Which is probably demented to most people, but I love muscle. So, strength training.

BYRDIE: Work out at night or in the morning?

KK: I like the morning, because it starts my day off right. I start eating better throughout the day, and I don't have an excuse. What's my excuse for not just getting it done with? 

BYRDIE: That makes sense. And would you rather eat before or after working out?

KK: After. I get super nauseous if I eat before.

BYRDIE: Would you rather train using your own body weight or using equipment?

KK: Either one! I train a lot with my own body weight, and it's hard! It just depends I guess on what parts of your body, but yeah, either one. Can I say either one? [Laughs.]

BYRDIE: Absolutely! 100 crunches or 100 squats?

KK: Hmm. Probably 100 crunches, because I've already done all the squats in the world—that's why my ass is like this! I go through different body parts, so now I'm trying to do this baby stomach. [Laughs.] 

BYRDIE: 5K or a marathon?

KK: Ugh, neither! I hate running! Running is my least favorite form of cardio. So what's the shortest?


KK: 5K. [Laughs.]

BYRDIE: Hot yoga or spin?

KK: Ooh—both are really good. But maybe spin, because the music—everything. Sometimes I'm like, "What is this crazy spa music?" at yoga. I'm like, "I'm gonna kill someone." [Laughs.]

BYRDIE: Would you rather listen to Beyoncé or Kanye while you work out?

KK: Good one. Right now, I'm super into Kanye's album. Like the whole thing, from start to finish. I stretch to his, like, gospel intro—I have a whole routine right now. 

BYRDIE: Last one—just a kind of silly one. Would you rather have to work out without a hair tie or without a sports bra? 

KK: [Laughs] Oh my god—hair tie! Are you kidding? [No sports bra] would be so painful. Even with a bra that's too big, I'm like, "This is so painful!"

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