Khloé Kardashian Always Applies This $9 Face Mask Before a Photo Shoot

Updated 04/26/19
Getty/Donato Sardella

Usually, when we think of the Kardashians, we think of pure extravagance. After all, Kim Kardashian West did call out a $455 face cream as her favorite moisturizing product. The family is known to wear designer clothes, embark on luxurious family vacations, and drive cars that cost an incomprehensible amount of money. But despite their lavish lifestyle, sometimes they surprise us with inexpensive product recommendations that are actually really accessible. For example, Kim recently opened up about the $9 nude nail polish she uses religiously.

And according to Glamour, Khloé Kardashian also has a budget-friendly product recommendation up her sleeve. As she revealed on her website, she loves a specific skincare product that she swears plumps and moisturizes her skin. The best part is that the product in question is only $10 on Amazon… for a pack of $5. Seriously, that's a deal even for drugstore standards. Keep scrolling to see one of Khloé Kardashian’s favorite face masks.

Pro Natural Inc. Luxurious 24k Gold Bio-Collagen Mask $10

"I'll give myself a facial with this collagen-infused version the night before a big shoot so that my skin is plump and moisturized,” Kardashian wrote on her website. The mask is formulated with gold, which is thought to slow down collagen and elastin breakdown, so your face feels firm and plump. It also has hydrating ingredients and "sculpting" qualities as well, which help the face to appear smoother and more contoured. The exact ingredients are hard to come by online, though Amazon reviewers certainly seem to agree with Kardashian's approval.


One Amazon user writes that the mask is "so relaxing and quite a good value. My facialist charges A FORTUNE for this exact product. Tightens my skin right up and I feel like a million dollars after 15 minutes with this." Another user commented "I love love love this item. I used it and found that my skin looked more vitalized and younger. I would definitely suggest this product to others and I am getting more to give as gifts."

With these reviews, along with the Khloé Kardashian's stamp of approval, we're definitely going to try it out for ourselves. After all, we don't have much to lose, just $10 for all five (we still can't believe it). 

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