This Is the $89 Tool Khloé Kardashian Uses to Banish Cellulite

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For many people, cellulite is a nuisance that they would rather live without. While there are all sorts of lotions and potions that promise quick and effortless results, actually ridding the skin of cellulite is a task that's much easier said than done. Apparently, even super-famous reality stars like the Kardashians aren't immune to the cellulite struggle (honestly, no one is).

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé revealed the new product she uses to smooth and even out any telltale dimples and dips in her skin. She even shows her big sis Kourtney how to use it. The best part is that it's not even that expensive (compared to other Kardashian-approved products, like Kim's favorite $450 face cream). It's called the FasciaBlaster, and it's an $89 tool that promises to relieve tension, discomfort, pain, and yes, cellulite.

Keep scrolling to see this device for yourself and learn how it works.

FasciaBlaster $89

The FasciaBlaster is essentially a rod that has claw-shaped massagers extending outward. It's designed to slide over any area of the body that has noticeable cellulite. After regular use, it diminishes (even does away with) that pesky fatty tissue.

According to the brand's creator, Ashley Black, connective tissue, called fascia, is found everywhere in your body and lies just below the skin. "It divides our muscles and penetrates them like the internal skin of an orange," her website reads. "It also surrounds virtually every structure of the human body. If we were able to peek inside our bodies and only see the fascia, we would look like a human form of cotton candy with mummy-like bandages running throughout."

Since it interlocks under the skin, much like a chain-link fence, fat is able to push through the gaps, causing a dimpled, uneven appearance (aka cellulite). This tool massages the fascia and breaks it up so that the underlying fat isn't squeezed up to the surface of the skin. Black says it can also increase circulation and mobility, and decrease pain and inflammation.

Khloé Kardashian seems to agree. She showed the tool to her sister Kourtney, saying, "You rub this on your body really hard, and you have to be naked, and it breaks down the stuff." When Kourtney asks her if it actually helps, she replies, "I've only done it a few times 'cause it kind of hurts." Then, in true Kardashian fashion, Khloé offers to try it on Kourtney's legs, using lotion as a base.

We must say that we're intrigued by this device (just like the Kardashians). And hopefully, we'll get an update from Khloé about its long-term effectiveness. In the meantime, get more information on the product and to see it in action, watch a tutorial video on the FasciaBlaster website.

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