The Keys Soulcare Body Collection Is the Perfect Addition to My Weekly Spa Day

The 'keys' to a restorative #SelfcareSunday.

Alicia Keys using Keys Soulcare

Emma Trim

When it comes to self-care, everyone does it differently. For me, easing my mind and releasing any tension after a hectic workweek is part of my Sunday afternoon routine—which is when I turn my bathroom into a spa oasis.

Unlike my everyday beauty regimen, I find Sundays to be the perfect day to light a candle, grab a cup of tea, and indulge in an extended cleaning ritual—one that includes delicately exfoliating my skin and hydrating with body butter. While soaking away the stress of my busy schedule, I also pull out my book of affirmations.

When I heard about Keys Soulcare’s new Bodycare collection, I was beyond excited to try the new offerings, which also include powerful affirmations printed on the containers. Fate? Possibly. 

Ahead, learn about the new collection, along with my honest thoughts about the body care line designed to maximize self-love. 

The Inspiration

Alicia Keys believes that beauty is more than skin deep. That is why her brand, Keys Soulcare, champions products that nurture the soul, along with the skin, since launching in December 2020. They've advocated for restorative rituals, self-care, and self-love from the jump, and the brand continues to give people a reason to praise themselves and their bodies.

The new collection brings that same energy, paying tribute to the strength, beauty, and potential of every body with three new body care products. “Your body is your first home,” the Grammy Award-winning singer shared about the new collection. “With Keys Soulcare Body Care, you're giving yourself the love it deserves.”

The Products

Keys Soulcare Renewing Body & Hand Wash
Keys Soulcare Renewing Body & Hand Wash $24.00

The Renewing Body & Hand Wash ($24) encourages you to affirm: “I love myself as I am.” 

Creating harmony between the mind and body through its purifying sage and oat milk scent, the wash was specially formulated to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils. Its nourishing ingredients include New Zealand manuka honey to draw moisture to the skin, shea butter for soothing hydration and skin protection, and cocoa butter to lock in moisture by creating a protective barrier.

Keys Soulcare Sacred Body Oil
Keys Soulcare Sacred Body Oil $25.00

The Sacred Body Oil ($25) inspires you to affirm: “Everything I do is an act of creation.” 

The lightweight body oil hydrates, nourishes, and helps calm and soothe the skin. Containing high concentrations of fatty acids and antioxidants, the formula features a trio of soothing oils, including marulabaobab, and jojoba, for brighter skin.

Keys Soulcare Rich Nourishing Body Cream
Keys Soulcare Rich Nourishing Body Cream $36.00

The Rich Nourishing Body Cream ($36) reminds you to affirm: “My body is a vessel for love, light, and strength.” 

The luxurious cream contains Rose of Jericho and oats to calm the skin.

The Review

Emerald Elitou, News Writer

As soon as I lathered up with the Renewing Body & Hand Wash, I knew that I had stumbled upon a new must-have for my #SelfcareSunday routine. The wash left my skin feeling cleansed and silky smooth leaving no sticky film. Just what I search for in a body wash.

After my shower, I warmed the Sacred Body Oil between my palms to rehydrate my naturally dry skin. I was delighted and surprised to find that the oil was light, making it perfect for a summer skincare regimen.

Taking Soulcare's suggestion, I then used the Rich Nourishing Body Cream to help further hydrate my skin. Although I loved how thick and luscious the body cream was, I felt it's better suited for my winter beauty wardrobe. I'll be returning to this cream when days start getting colder come fall.

Overall, the line purposefully left me feeling radiant from the inside out. Best put, I was glowing with positivity.

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