5 Kettlebell Workouts Even Newbies Can Master


Tone It Up

Katrina and I are about to hit the road for our first Tone It Up Tour! We'll be visiting 15 cities in 30 days for the ultimate fitness festival filled with toning workouts. Of course, we wanted to feel energized, toned, and confident for the tour, so we've been eating clean with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and getting our workout in every day.

We've also been focusing on total body workouts with compound moves to maximize our workout time. We love kettlebell workouts because they boost your metabolism and sculpt from head to toe. Our kettlebell workouts allow you to flow through the movements, enhancing your mobility like a pro.

Feel free to start with a heavier weight and then drop down to a lower weight later in the workout, also called a droplet. These five kettlebell moves will strengthen every muscle group and leave you looking and feeling strong. Go through the entire circuit one to three times.

Keep reading to learn five of our favorite firming and toning kettlebell workouts.

Complete your full-body workout with five toning burpee exercises.